Why Everybody Hates Millennials

The term “millennials” has been all over the internet and the news recently and basically the older ‘generations’ hate us. Why? Apparently it’s because we’re narcissistic, have our noses in our phones all the time, and want world peace and free college. Is that true? Most of it, yes. We are on our phones all the time; but because we’re reading news, articles, conversing with our friends, looking at art; we aren’t just staring at blocks of nothing. We’re educating ourselves or socializing in some fashion.
Do we really want world peace and free college? Hell yeah, we do. Who doesn’t? I’m not even going into that right now.
And last, but not least, the one I’ve been waiting to get into for a while now. Our ‘narcissism’. Oh the beauty of that term and consistently being stuck to every single younger generation until the end of time. But why? Well,  we start out thinking that the world revolves around us and everything that happens is because of us. That’s why young children have such a hard time dealing with their parents’ divorce, thinking it’s their fault and somehow they caused their parents to split up when really they were the reason they stayed together for as long as they did. The thought process of us being so important is not something that goes away immediately. We grow out of it, just like most older people have. It just takes life lessons and, most importantly, time. Soon enough, will be older and complaining about the new generation that has a stupid name that isn’t relevant because ‘generations’ don’t exist. It’s a never ending cycle of complaining.


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