Love Letter #1

You came to me at a time in my life where I didn’t love myself. I told you at the beginning that I was clinically depressed and high anxiety, but you didn’t bat an eye. You didn’t treat me any different or try to change me. You never awkwardly steered the conversation away when I got a little deep in my emotions; you just let me talk. You never tried to solve my problems because they weren’t yours to solve and there never really was a solution. You would simply check on me and be sure I wasn’t stuck in my own head.

“So shits gonna get heavy for a second, and then hopefully go back to normal as long as everything is cool. And its fine if its not cool, it wont be a burden. You said you found out you were depressed the other day, today going alright?”

I’ve never felt pressured or uncomfortable around you. Since day one, there has always been a calming aura around you and I knew I could be myself around you; something very few of my very close friends have seen. Our laughter intertwined and echoed through your house as we had tickle fights and got into each other’s heads in your living room floor. We asked every question from “What do you like and dislike most about yourself?” to “What kind of burrito would you be?”. You didn’t force me to love myself and get better; you simply guided me by being yourself and allowing both of us to blossom together. You allowed me to get better on my own and I couldn’t be more grateful for you and the love and compassion you have shown me.


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