Lies My Depression Told Me

  1. You don’t have to get up for work. You don’t have the energy to take on the day or even shower. Stay in bed.
  2. God, why aren’t you taking care of yourself? You’re such a burden to everybody around you. Why can’t you just be normal?
  3. You’ll never get rid of me. You don’t even know how to get back to “normal”. You’re stuck with me and my friend Anxiety forever.
  4. Nobody really loves you or cares about you. You’re honestly a real inconvenience to everybody around you and they’re just being polite. They just don’t want you to start crying again.
  5. Lay in bed until really late at night but don’t do anything. Just stare at the walls and be stuck in your head to the point you want to cry or die.
  6. Not sure how to get rid of me? I know a good way. It involves your car and the highway. Oh wait, you’re too anxious to drive anywhere. Looks like I’m staying and you’re suffering.
  7. They don’t love you. Nobody does. How could they? Look at yourself. You’re a mess; you haven’t showered in days, you’re wearing the same clothes you wore yesterday, you cry all the time, and you hardly talk.
  8. Nothing you say matters. Keep your mouth shut. Nobody needs to know I’m here.

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